Anna Foglietta

As the new entertainment park of Cinecittà World (Rome) was inaugurated last April 2 on a bright sunny day, we interviewed the beautiful and talented actor Anna Foglietta, having a leisure day with her three children.
Main character in various famous tv series such as Distretto di Polizia as well as feature films (Edoardo Leo’s Noi e la Giulia being her latest one), Anna is one of the leading actors of Italian cinema. Soft piano music set the scene for a lovely conversation with her.

Hello Anna, is this your first time in Cinecittà World?

Hi! It is, but I can already breathe the magical atmosphere of the studios in a playful setting. Going to Cinecittà always gives me a sense of work responsibility, whereas here today I can enjoy the many rides and attractions of the park with my kids.

Along with Cinecittà World at this time Cinecittà Studios is the set of some important American productions. How do you feel about Italy in this international scenario?

I feel like Italy’s always been a place of inspiration for American cinema, so it’s no surprise American productions are choosing to come here to film. This is an incredible land filled with distinct beauty. I was reading an American article a while back and there was a title which read “39 good reasons why you should not visit Italy”; the title was blatantly ironical, and it was followed by gorgeous pictures of our Country, the nature, culture and history which inspire the whole world and clearly, cinema too. This will always be a magical place for Americans.

Anna Foglietta 2In Tutta colpa di Freud, of Paolo Genovese, you were the only main character filmed in New York. How did that feel?

See, my husband proposed to me there, so to me New York is the city where it all began. It is a magical place! It’s the most beautiful city of the world, a place that already feels like home the very moment you arrive. It welcomes and embraces you, it makes you feel like anything can happen. It really is “the City that Never Sleeps”! There is such energy! I had so much fun there, just think, between shooting and spending time with my husband and my seven-month-old baby, I was on the run 24/7 and never feeling tired! I always felt so happy, a bit hyper even! (laughter). I just love New York!

What do you think about American cinema and the USA in general?

American cinema is a nearly perfect machine, with the Star System along with independent film-making which reaps great rewards among the audience, especially when a director such as Darren Aronofski shoots astonishing, low budget movies of the same quality of block busters. That’s part of why America is such a wonderful, multifaceted Country. I had the great opportunity to visit the States during the making of the Vanzina film Mai Stati Uniti (Never United translator’s note), discovering amazing sceneries through South Dakota, Utah, Arizona and Colorado, seeing the real American way of life in the very heart of the Country. I can now say I know the US pretty well and I’m in love!

Where are your future plans taking you?

I’ve been working hard on finding a good balance again since I’ve had my third child, so once I feel confident enough and I can see my kids are adjusted, I will be ready to go back to acting.

Anna Foglietta 3Being a full time mom is your job now.

Right! But it’s not just about being a full time mom, it’s trying to balance the needs of a whole family, my kids’ as well as my husband’s and the people who support me in my career!

Thanks a lot, Anna!

Thank you!

di Alessandro Parrello

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