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Stefano Amadio, Francesca Piggianelli, Emiliano Marsili, Sonia Serafini, Alessandro Parrello

Few days ago, in a beautiful spring evening, in the heart of Roman nightlife in Trastevere, we were guests of the successful italian actor Francesco Arca in his beautiful restaurant AKBAR, (which he owns with the actors Matteo Branciamore and Primo Reggiani) located in Piazza Piscinula 51, to present WEST 46TH MAG to the italian press and party with some other italian actors and friends.

Francesco Arca e Alessandro Parrello
Francesco Arca and Alessandro Parrello

The evening was a perfect combination of cinema, music, sport and a lovely aperitivo with spitz, red wine and some delicious Roman and Tuscan mixed dishes.

After a brief introduction of our italian press office Francesca Piggianelli, the actor Alessandro Parrello, as well as founder and director of our on-line magazine, presented this new publishing project, which aims to promote Italian culture in the world dealing with different topics and seeking also unknown talents.

AK Bar
Francesco Foti e Sabrina Paravicini
Francesco Foti and Sabrina Paravicini

Francesco Arca was a fabulous host and all the staff of AKBAR, directed by GM Daniele, welcomed everyone with great hospitality and courtesy, in a relaxed and elegant atmosphere typical of this adorable place decorated in vintage style. Guests of the evening and journalists expressed their great interest into this new Italian initiative that has its headquarter in New York.

Franco Trevisi e Alessandro Parrello
Franco Trevisi and Alessandro Parrello

Besides Mr. Arca, among the guests were present the actors Franco Trevisi, Francesco Foti, Sabrina Paravicini, Paola Pessot, the editorial director of cinemaitaliano.info Mr. Stefano Amadio, the european boxing champion Emiliano Marsili and the journalist Sonia Serafini for Fabrique du Cinema, the free press of the new Italian cinema, with which we will launch a media partnership starting in the next issues.



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