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A 18-karat gold water in the Guggenheim Museum in NYC

waterAfter a farewell to art in 2012, Maurizio Cattelan’s back to talk on track. The Guggenheim will exhibits a rather curious artwork; It’s a water covered with 18-carat gold that will be installed in the New York museum and visitors can use it. Heck yes! The work could be called America, based on the novel “Amerika” by Kafka, and should be opened on May 10th. The New York Times has defined the golden water an artwork close to Marcel Duchamp’s “Fountain” and “artist’s shit “by Piero Manzoni. The famous Museum of Manhattan will dedicate to it a small room, with tile, a mirror and a door key on. “You can visit the room just to bask in his glow, but it becomes a work of art only when nature calls, and someone gets on top or in front” – This is the comment of Cattelan to his latest creation. Moreover, if it’s true that in front of the call of nature we are all equal, not every day happen to sit on a gleaming water fit normally for a king!
Maurizio Cattelan will be featured April 24 at the Tribeca Film Festival for the screening of the film dedicated to his career “Be right back“. Its new installation which will be presented in June in Zurich: a man in a wheelchair walking on a lake.

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