Simone Marulli, when Prèt a Porter feeds the Planet

Simone Marulli

On May Day, Expo 2015 have opened the doors to the world, proving that italian excellence is still among the most famous. A living example of the “italian genius” is represented , for sure, by fashion. Simone Marulli is ,currently, one of the most appreciated italian fashion designers.

 Let’s go back to basics: how were they?

I started with “stealing” from my Granny’s cupboard her special tablecloths with which I used to dress up my Mom’s dolls. It might sound like a joke, but that lead my destiny since then. After graduating from the Fashion School in Milan, I started working with famous designers until 2009. By then, I felt the need to express my style, launching my own brand.

What inspires you on creating your own designs?

I am inspired everyday and every time I stroll by the streets of Milan. I love observing the ladies in their everyday lives and during the social events. I love adapting them to the ” Marulli style” : a lot of them have an innate elegance. I just love to enhance whatever they already have inside and show it to the rest of the world.

Why did you choose to stay in Italy when most of the designers left?

Milan is still the capital of fashion industry, and this city is where I belong to. Milan inspires me everyday. Although, launching a Haute Couture collection in Paris is still my biggest dream.

You are appreciated abroad. How do you manage to adapt your “italianity” to the tastes and styles of the women around the world?

I’m flattered for being appreciated for my work. My style is classic and elegant but perfectly adapted to a modern lady and this is appreciated by most women.

IMG_6122Milan is “Caput Mundi” during these days – up to October, at least! – Because of the Expo. You are part of it with a very special creation. What is it?

I am joining with in my own way: the slogan is ” Nutrire il pianeta, energia per la vita (Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life)”. My bridal collection is enriched by the collaboration with the Tuscan company Due Latte. The continuous search for innovative materials gave birth to the “milk fiber” made from re-genarated casein mixed with other natural fibers. The result is a soft fabric that caresses, nourishes and hydrates the skin. I created my bridal collection with this new innovative and eco friendly clothing.

Did you use a special technique to adapt this type of fabric to your wedding dress?

Yes, I balanced the smoothness of the clothe to the body by using asymmetries.

How important is innovation in fashion?

It’s extremely important. I must confess that I love the ’50s and ’60s style. I love to dress my women with a hint of “retro” and chic, bringing together elegance and modernity. Finding the right balance between past and present is crucial to innovation.

You are truly an innovator: your new collection is dedicated also to curvy ladies. How did you adapt your design to the different types of bodies?

I do not believe in stereotypes, that’s why my creations are smooth and natural. I think every woman should feel beautiful in her own skin and that is the only way she can show the world her inner goddess. My pret a porter collection is perfectly adaptable even for wonderful curvy ladies because my motto is “Curvy is a philosophy! “

Curvy ladies star even your bridal collection. What inspired you?

My 2016 bridal line vaguely reminds the ’30s and the ’40s. I created a collection where satin is finely mixed with the preciousness of organza silk, with the rigidity of the mikado, with the lightness of tulle. And of course, polka dots, my signature in every collection, couldn’t be missing in action. My bride dares to be sexy, but without sacrificing elegance.

They say that every bride has the perfect wedding dress somewhere. Does this mean that even an average lady like me can say “Yes” to the dress?

Of course you can! And you are everything but average! I always meet my brides in my atelier in Milan and I always start from a blank page. I just put into paper their dreams.

In an Italy where the talents prefer abroad, how difficult or how easy is it to stay?

I am very attached to “la mia Italia”. I love this country with its strengths and its many flaws. I love the wisdom of my seamstresses and the skills of my embroiderers. I love the professionalism of my suppliers and the passion of the people who work with me. I could not even imagine my professional life elsewhere.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I would like to enrich my international connections. I’m looking out for the American market and I would like to create a couture collection and present it in Paris. I would love to design a menswear shoe collection made by Italian artisans. I am looking forward to grow more and more.

I always end my interviews with this question: what is the “X-Factor” that a young person should have to be successful as you are?

You must be in love, passionate and determined to do this job, keeping your self grounded and humbled. My father always told me that if you can dream it, you can make it. Simone proved this to me. In fact he created, along with chef Eros Picco of “ Innocenti Evasioni” the very first edible wedding dress: caramel pop corn are used to awesomely decorate the whole dress like fine diamonds. bI guess I’ve found my perfect wedding dress: all I need is to find a who to wear it with.

by Maggie A. Romano

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