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Italian Cinema succeeds in New York

willem dafoe, matteo garrone, west 46th magazine

Spectacular opening for the event “Italian Film, 21st Century-Style: A tribute to Rai Cinema” act to celebrate and promote the Italian cinema in the USA. The first screening on Friday night in New York at the MoMA was Tale of Tales, the new Matteo Garrone’s masterpiece, with Salma Hayek, Vincent …

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The Italian cinema arrives in New York

From 4th to 8th of December opens the exhibition of contemporary Italian cinema. Rai Cinema has always had the goal of enhancing the Italian cinema and this time it does that internationally, bringing home a great result: ten films enter the permanent collection of MoMA The Museum of Modern Art. …

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Artist Luca Valerio D’Amico: I start from an eye

Taking inspiration from Escher and Dalì, with whom he has a lot in common. A mad intuition and intertwining lines leaning towards avant-garde and classicism, for example, of designs filled with matryoshka-sized images, where the end ties in with the beginning in a never-ending cicle. The subconscious is the main …

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Cristiana Pegoraro: strings of love to Italy

Cristiana Pegoraro

Cristiana Pegoraro  is an Italian internationally renowned pianist , defined by the New York Times “an artist of the highest caliber.”  She will grace the Carnegie Hall in New York next November 17 with a her concert “Omaggio all’Italia” ( Tribute to Italy) . Here’s what we talked about. You …

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